Marvell BSP with MPC7450

Anyone know about the Marvell BSP on the MPC7450?
Thank you

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002 22:27:04 GMT, Alex Cellarius <acellarius@systems104-don’t-you-spam-me!> wrote:

Anyone know about the Marvell BSP on the MPC7450?
Thank you

Anyone here know anything about this?


Dave Green from QNX sent me an S-Record version of the ROM image. I have
been able to download this QNX image into RAM, but it does not boot
successfully. It runs for a little bit, and then just stops.

I’ll let you know if I make any progress.

Here is the output I get on the serial port:

DINK32_ARTHUR >>Header size=0x0000009c, Total Size=0x000005a8, #Cpu=1,
Section:system_private offset:0x00000218 size:0x00000068
syspage ptr user:0000c000 kernel:0000c000
cpupage ptr user:0000d000 kernel:0000d000 spacing:4096
kdebug info:00000000 callback:00000000
boot pgms: idx=0
0) base paddr:001fc000 start addr:0021a12c
ramsize:02000000 pagesize:00001000
Section:qtime offset:0x00000188 size:0x00000048
boot:00000000 CPS:00000000017d7840 rate/scale:4/-8 intr:2147483648
Section:callout offset:0x000000a0 size:0x00000048
reboot:0000c8c4 power:00000000
timer_load:0000c91c reload:0000c938 value:0000c984
0) display:0000c994 poll:0000c9b4 break:0000c9e0

  1. display:0000ca04 poll:0000ca24 break:0000ca50
    Section:cpuinfo offset:0x000001d0 size:0x00000020
  2. cpu:00080202 flags:c0000001 speed:0000012c cache i/d:1/0 name:60
    Section:cacheattr offset:0x00000568 size:0x00000040
  3. flags:2a size:0020 #lines:0400 control:0000c5b0 next:255
  4. flags:01 size:0020 #lines:0400 control:0000c600 next:255
    Section:meminfo offset:0x00000280 size:0x00000060
    t:1 a:00003000 s:00008000 t:1 a:0000e000 s:001ed108 t:2 a:001fb108
    t:3 a:001fb108 s:000d6de0 t:1 a:002d1ee8 s:01d2e118
    Section:asinfo offset:0x00000388 size:0x00000160
  5. 00000000-ffffffff o:ffff a:0010 p:100 c:00000000 n:21
  6. 80000000-febfffff o:0000 a:0013 p:100 c:00000000 n:28
  7. 80000000-febfffff o:0020 a:0003 p:100 c:00000000 n:35
  8. 10000000-17ffffff o:0000 a:0003 p:100 c:00000000 n:38
  9. ff000000-ffffffff o:0000 a:0005 p:100 c:00000000 n:52
    00a0) 00000000-01ffffff o:0000 a:0017 p:100 c:00000000 n:56
    00c0) 001fb108-002d1ee7 o:0000 a:0005 p:100 c:00000000 n:64
    00e0) 001fb108-002d1ee7 o:0000 a:0007 p:100 c:00000000 n:72
  10. 00003000-0000afff o:00a0 a:0007 p:100 c:00000000 n:80
  11. 0000e000-001fb107 o:00a0 a:0007 p:100 c:00000000 n:80
  12. 002d1ee8-01ffffff o:00a0 a:0007 p:100 c:00000000 n:80
    Section:hwinfo offset:0x00000360 size:0x00000028
  13. size:3 tag:3 isize:3, iname:0, owner:65535, kids:1
  14. size:3 tag:17 isize:3, iname:9, owner:0, kids:0
    Section:typed_strings offset:0x000002e0 size:0x00000028
    off:0 type:5 string:‘Discovery’
    off:16 type:2 string:‘localhost’
    Section:strings offset:0x00000308 size:0x00000058
    [0]‘hw’ [3]‘Group’ [9]‘unknown’ [17]‘Bus’ [21]‘memory’ [28]‘device’
    [38]‘kernel_device’ [52]‘rom’ [56]‘ram’ [60]‘750’ [64]‘imagefs’
    Section:intrinfo offset:0x000004e8 size:0x00000080
  15. vector_base:00000000, #vectors:96, cascade_vector:7fffffff
    cpu_intr_base:00000140, cpu_intr_stride:0, flags:0000
    id => flags:0000, size:0108, rtn:0000c62c
    eoi => flags:1000, size:007c, rtn:0000c734
    mask:0000c7b0, unmask:0000c834, config:00000000
  16. vector_base:80000000, #vectors:1, cascade_vector:7fffffff
    cpu_intr_base:00000240, cpu_intr_stride:0, flags:0000
    id => flags:0000, size:0004, rtn:0000c8b0
    eoi => flags:0000, size:0000, rtn:0000c8b4
    mask:0000c8b4, unmask:0000c8bc, config:00000000
    Section:boxinfo offset:0x000001f0 size:0x00000028
    Section:kerinfo offset:0x00000128 size:0x00000030
    pretend_cpu:00000000 init_msr:00000000
    Section:smpinfo offset:0x00000158 size:0x00000030
    mpu_start_addr:00000000 ipi_vector:00000000

System page at phys:0000c000 user:0000c000 kern:0000c000
Starting next program at v0021a12c

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Anyone know about the Marvell BSP on the MPC7450?
Thank you