Help needed in SCSI

Hi All,

Using QNX I am developing a FC-driver for some HBA card(I don’t have the
data sheets all i have is Linux driver code for that card).

In QNX I know that I need to develop a block type resource manager. In
linux we have a SCSI subsytem where you can hook your driver

Qnx documentation doesn’t have any DDK for block resource manager. All I
know is the following hierarchy.

devb-aha8 (Adaptec SCSI Driver Process)
± (SCSI CAM Manager)
| ± (SCSI CAM Disk Manager)
| ± (SCSI CAM CD-ROM Manager)
± (File System Manager)
± (QNX4 File System)
± (ISO9660 File System)

If anyone have the anysort of sample code/guide lines for writing SCSI
device drivers in QNX is of great helpful for me.

Thanks in Advance