computer vision solution?


We are looking for a cost sensitive solution for computer vision under QNX
RTP. We were originally using a pc104+ bt878 based video frame grabber for
which we had a free driver under linux. Drivers for such a device under QNX
RTP are not easy to find ( has a commercial one,
and it’s the only one we found). This type of grabber is probably the most
affordable solution that offers good quality video. Using a good quality usb
webcam would also be an affordable solution, but I didn’t see any existing
drivers for such devices. So we are now considering 3 options:
1-buying the bt878 driver which is expensive
2-porting the bt878 linux driver to qnx ourselves
3-using an usb webcam and write the driver for it ourselves

We are currently building a multi robot laboratory and money and manpower
must be wisely used…

So I was wondering if somebody who is experienced with computer vision under
QNX would have good advices for us. Thanks a lot!