Embedded Apache

i’ve downloaded Apache for QNX.
i’ve removed all the useless files from the apache directory and i works on
my computer.
I’ve done an OS Image (the demo shell of the QDN) on 1 floppy (1,3Mo).
On my bld file: /usr/local/apache=/usr/local/apache
On my OS Image, i list all the directories of apache and all the files are
When i run ./httpd, there is an error message saying that the first lib file
is damaged…
When i list the lib directory of apache, the first lib file was removed…
I don’t know why but i’ve a lot of problems with files on Embedded system
(on floppy) and when i execute them 1 time, they are removed and i can
reexecute them…, when a program open a file, he say that this file is
Please can you help me ?
Sorry for my English :slight_smile: