qn4 graphic problems

Good day there

I hope someone can point me in the right direction, I’m a total newbie to qnx, and have just recently instaled it.

Now the problem I have is that when the windows portion loads, the display ends up corrupt or something of the sort, how do i go about changing it to something workable, I have a s3 trio64 screen card in the machine and i have a spare s3 65 virge.

any help on what to do would be appreciated.


Which GUI? Photon or QNX Windows?

sorry its Qnx windows Currently have qnx 4.22 installed as well if that helps any


What are you running from your /etc/sysinit.x (where x is your node number). QNX windows drivers are started as gr.s3 for example.
gr.s3 or gr.vga should work for your trio64. Edit your sysinit and start it up explicitly.


4.22 is pretty old and there have been some driver updates since then

Thankswill have a look around and see what i can come up with, I know it rather old, but on top of qnx we run a progrma called lan-90 PCV for our control system.

And recently one of our hdd’s crashed so trying to install a really old system on a newish pc but getting there slowly but surely.

Thanks for the help

Yes we are having similar problems. not so much fun when the old application that requires hardware that is ISA based either.
i cant remember but 4.22 might even have been 16bit… if it was 32bit then it should be quite easy for you to update to 4.25 (it is a free upgrade) and get some more drivers to support your newish pc (without having to recompile your application).

QNX ltd are still supporting qnx 4 and writing new drivers, they recently have released free USB support to QNX4 (which is very nice of them!)

We heavily use QNX windows so if you need any more tips and tricks (which graphics cards work, what drivers you need , how to start them, let me know).

well I Can tell you that 4.22 does support 32 bit, so as you mentioned it should makes things a tad easier, where do i get the 4.25 upgrade from?? btw.

And secondly what sort of systems are you running qQNx on might have to look for something similiar for ourselves.

QNX4 runs on most PC.