I’m attempting to configure my network monitoring system to keep an eye on disk space on my QNX4 nodes. I have chosen to query QNX using SNMP. I have had some success in terms of performing queries in general, but I am unable to query the specific OIDs related to storage.

I am very new to SNMP and have limited experience on QNX.

Does anyone know if snmpd on QNX supports the following OID node,

I can query system, interfaces, ip, etc., but not host. Specifically, one of the OIDs I’m looking for is,

I’m running TCP/IP version 4.25G. I just noticed that QNX has released a version 5 of TCP/IP. If I’m spinning my wheels with v4.25, does anyone know if version 5 will do what I need?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx in advance,


I have the same problem :cry: , no host-Resources from the qnx-snmp-damon.
My systems are qnx-4.25-B (i386-Celeron-PC).

Can any one help us?
Do we need a patch?
Is there a “ucd-snmp-” or “net-snmp-” binary for qnx-4?

thanx, Marko