tcpip stack not responding with devn-ppc8260

Using 6.20A.

Customer has modified the devn-ppc8260 network driver
found in the DDK to work with additional ethernet
port on the ECOM (daughter board for the 8260FADS
reference board).

When the drive is used with the onboard address,
(by using channel=2 as a parameter with io-net)
the driver works fine. (log15.txt shows some pidin
taken at varying times).

However, when channel=1 is used, the driver causes the
tcpip stack to eventually become unresponsive (about
2 minutes into a test scenario where about 77 connections
are made to another box, and an average of 30MBit/s
is sent). (testclient.c , testserver2.c and scripts
to invoke these attached)
io-net’s threads go up to using 3MB data each, and
utilities like ifconfig and ping “hang”, ie they
don’t do anything but don’t come back either.
log14.txt has the pidin captured for this.

It appears that by using a different address and therefore
the ethernet hardware on this daughterboard, some hardware
problem is exercised (the main functionality of the driver
is not modified, only variant.c (attached).

Any ideas where to look for this?
Other statistics to look out for?
How can one debug a problem like this-any ideas?


Any takers on this one?
Or should I first explain just what the heck an ECOM is :slight_smile: