MPC8260ADS and custom board

We are developing a board for image processing based on the mpc8260 and ADS
reference design. I’m the lead software guy on the project and I’m trying to
make sure our custom board will have all the hardware features we need to
target QNX to it. The first hurdle I have encountered is getting the flash
initialized on the custom board. It looks like the ADS8260KIT comes with
flash pre-programmed and that along with QNX PE will get me up and running
(able to communicate with the board). Does anyone have any recommendations
for bringing up a custom board with the minimum hardware as described by
Motorola (flash, local SDRAM, 60x SDRAM, ethernet support lxt970a chip).

Recommendations for using JTAG and programmers? Any serious problems we
need to be aware of? Issues to avoid?


Rich Reper
Imaging Sensors and Systems, Inc