USB - again...

Dear group,

we’re working on a x86 with a usb-keyboard in text-mode, which works quite fine, until we do anything with io-usb, which is what needs to be done to get a usb memory stick working using devb-umass.

Is there a workaround for this (except “use telnet” or “use photon”)?

However, photon doesn’t realize the keyboard, too. Even though its started with devu-kbd and appears as /dev/usbkbd0. Any hints?


I have similar problems…
you can read my status under :
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If you know how to do it, please tell me too!!!

ok, here is what I found out during my research and endless tries…

It won’t never ever work!!!
I mean running USB-Devices under QNX-text-mode…

→ this is from the QNX-Momentics-Help → User’s Guide → Connecting Hardware:
" Currently, there’s no support for USB keyboards in text mode, but Intel machines can use BIOS emulation to support them. Photon supports USB mice and keyboards; for more information, see “USB devices” later in this chapter. "
" The devi-* set of drivers handles input under Photon. "
→ and you have to use the devi-hid for the USB-Devices!!!

So it won’t work in text-mode

The reason why the keyboard works before loading the USB-stack (io-usb -d uhci &) is, that you use the BIOS-support for it!!!

So give up trying to manage it, it’s hopeless…

Or is anybody of another opinion???

In QNX 6.2.1 USB keyboards do work in text-mode, but only before the USB stack is started. From the Helpviewer:

Wrong. It will work with QNX 6.3 Service Pack 3. It features a new devc-con-hid, which in turn communicates with io-hid instead hitting the PS/2 keyboard controller directly. This again means that it would work with USB keyboards… haven’t tried it, though.

If you want to try it yourself, try to get into the SP3 beta program, mail along with your myQNX email ID.