copy image to disk on module (dom)

Dear members,

I got a problem to boot an image from dom. I created a script file,, for my target. The script was original for QNX 6.2.1 system use.

I rebuild it under QNX 6.3.0 and got an image, e.g. cpu145x.ifs, by command;
mkifs cpu145x.ifs

I attach an 128M dom to secondary IDE slot in a development station under QNX Neutrino 6.3 with SP1.

Run “fdisk /dev/hd1” to create a new partiion of type 77 (qnx)

I copy the image to dom by use:

dinit -h -B ipl-diskpc1 /dev/hd1
dinit -h -f cpu145x.ifs -B ipl-diskpc2 /dev/hd1t77

After then, I took dom to target and boot it, but it only showed;
Boot Operating System…
Hit ESC for .altbootD

It stopped forever. I also have tried other way to copy image in dom by;
dinit -h -f cpu145x.ifs /dev/hd1t77
which it did copy the image to .boot, since they have same format. but when I boot it, it showed several error messages.
Unable to access /etc (2)
Unable to access /dev/ser1 (2)
Unable to get dll in lib for npm-tcpio

I am sure the script file is fine because it was successful booting on QNx 6.2.1 system.

Any way, I wonder if any one has comment on above processes or suggestion. It will be great appreciated.


See other post. Please keep your DOC issue within 1 thread, otherwise we don’t know which thread to answer ;-)