io-net pttcpip

I am new to this thing. I am trying to load a QNX boot image in a Compact Flash 128 MB. I need to add few functionalities.

  • like to be able to change the IP address in the host machine.

    I tried using io-net -pttcip if =en:

but when I try pinging from a remote machine, the request times out, but
I can still ping the old ip address.

  • include an editor like PED, or VI. How will I do that, or what changes need to be done in the build file.

Currenly, I have a very rudimentary buildfile, which just loads up the system. So any information, or resouces which may help me in the same, would be appreciated.



do a nicinfo to verify if the NIC is there. Most likely, you did not load the NIC driver.

io-net -d -pttcip if =en:

driver can be speedo, rtl, i82544…

Good luck

Thanks for your reply. Yes, when I boot the system from boot image in CF, on doing nicinfo it says
sh:nicinfo: not found. So for loading the driver do I need to specify it in the buid file. I have specifed But when I type

#io-net-d rtl.
it says unable to initdll devn-rtl.: No such device.

Could you please futher elaborate as to how, I am supposed to do it…or any resource link from where I can read. My questions, may sound stupid…but please bear with me…i am still learning.