QNX on Radeon 9000 graphics

I’m trying to find a laptop I like which can run QNX (this is becoming a full-time job these days), I have seen one with Radeon 9000 Mobility graphics, is this functionally the same as normal Radeon 9000, and will therefore be fully supported?


microanvika.co.uk/pcshop/pro … O=FUJ14032

is what I’m looking at, is the Cirrus Logic CS4299 sound supported, I see lots of Cirrus Logic ones on QNX’s website, but I wonder if they are all practically the same anyway?

This laptop has a funny screen res. of 1400x1050, is this going to cause problems?

Sorry for the newbie questions, but I had QNX before on a Thinkpad and only the video worked (unaccelerated) no sound or network.



I had written a huge spiel for a reply but openqnx decided to throw it away :frowning:

The short of it is,use a qnx install cd to test the target laptop before buying. Do not use mail order.

Check the ethernet with a qnx 6.2.0 install cd. Check the rest with a qnx 6.2.1 install cd.

Radeon is a good choice for graphics but the M9 is not supported yet so use the tweeked vesa driver in the meantime.
Supported, qnx.com/support/sd_hardware/ … video.html
Mobile chips, ati.com/products/embedded/overview.html
Vesa driver, bovine.muck.net.nz/users/evan/index.html

Don’t worry if the sound doesn’t work, it’ll come along.

I have also a Fujitsu-Siemens 8830 laptop but with P4 2.66 and a National DP83815 ethernet card. The other components are the same (including
a Radeon 9000 mobility of 64 Mb).

I have some problems with the ethernet card.

Booting from CD without doing an install doesnt work (QNX 6.2.1 NC).

Installing it (work) but I have to disable the network driver before booting
each time.

With the graphics card, I have no problem using VESA driver, but I
have tried only with 1024x768 resolution. I can try with 1400x1050
resolution in my laptop if you want.

I hope it helps.

drodrigueza: If you could try out the graphics at full resolution, and also the sound, that would be a fantastic help.

I’d love to know if the graphics were accelerated (in 2D, I accept 3D is probably a no-go), in 1400x1050. I’m hoping to use QNX full time, and not have to switch back to Linux for anything.

evanh: Networking, I’m not too bothered about, as long as I can use my D-Link PCMCIA card. For sound, I am keen to get this to work, if only for listening to MP3s. QNX is the number one priority for me, so I’ll buy the laptop that best suits, but I like the Fujitsu, and it seems quite good value. By the way, is there any reason not to use 6.2.1 for all tests?

When you say sound will ‘come along’, do you mean that QNX will likely support it soon, or is it feasible for a programmer to do it himself? I’m a programmer myself, but never done device/driver level stuff.

Thanks to both of you for the help, very reassuring to know someone else is using this laptop with QNX.



Hello, Garry.
Im sorry, the laptop I have is the 7830 (you can see the details of the
computer in the same web page which you have included in your first

The resolution of the screen is 1024x768 so, I can not try the resolution
of the screen of the 8830. With 1024x768x32 works.

I have tried with the sound, but doesnt work. I have used QNX since 18 months (more or less), but I have used QNX for embedded applications,
so I am a newbie about sound, DVD and such applications in QNX.
What I mean is, that if sound doesnt work could be that I have to do something more to make it work.

I dont know too how to know if graphics are or not accelerated in QNX.
If you explain me I can try to see it. The same with the sound.

I hope it helps.


I am no QNX expert, but I think if you do something like this:

io-graphics -dl devg-radeon.so [option[,option …]] … &

It will load the Radeon specific graphics driver, I guess if that loads, then it will do Radeon acceleration, but I’m not sure, that line above is right out the manual. The only acceleration I want is so the desktop is responsive, and hopefully the mouse pointer will not jerk around the screen under heavy CPU load. On my old laptop in high colour modes windows were sluggish to move around.

A similar routine is used to get sound working, like so:

qnx.com/developer/docs/momen … audio.html

But, again, I’m just reading out the manual, so your guess is as good as mine!

Thanks for the help, and hopefully this will get your sound working too.