which cache

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cache size is responsible for falling data rate but which cache is it?

message passing: I belief it is cache of the CPU!

queue: I belif it is cache of the CPU and the optimised
memory allocator!?

shared memory: I belif it is cache of the CPU!?

file: I belif it is processor cache or is it HD-cache!?

is this right?

Thank you !!!

For file, HD-cache has little impact, it’s the Filesystem cache and processor that have the biggest effect.

Thank you mario

please tell me more about the Filesystem cache!!!

Thank you!!! :unamused:

I’m not sure what to say about file system cache. The role of file system cache is to keep data in ram to prevent having to read it from the HD. The cache also serves as a write buffer.

The complexity of the filesystem cache is to decide what data to keep, and when to write it. It’s always about compromise.