How do I enable qnet?

QNXRTP 6.1 had Qnet (/net/) enabled by default, but from
Momentics 6.2, Qnet is disabled by default.
(This is fully mentioned in the 6.2 release notes;
read them ASAP if you hadn’t)

Starting Qnet

  • To enable it after boot:

mount -Tio-net

And confirm if /net/ and /dev/io-net/qnet* has appeared.

  • To enable it on every boot:

touch /etc/system/config/useqnet

Conditionalling is done in /etc/system/sysinit script.

  • To enable it in buildfile:

io-net -d -ptcpip -pqnet

Consult the help pages for
“” and “io-net” for further information.

Stopping Qnet

umount /dev/io-net/qnet*



  • To enable Qnet from enumurator, ignoring /etc/system/config/useqnet:
    Add a new file, /etc/system/enum/overrides, with content


set(IONET_CMD, io-net -ptcpip -pqnet)

P.S “QnetTM” seems to be the Correct Spelling.