Interrupt vectors for SMC9000 driver

Hello all,

We’re running QNX RTP 6.1.0 on an SH7751 processor, and I’m having
getting the correct interrupt assignments for the SMC9000 ethernet
controller. We
are using an SMSC 91C111 ethernet controller, connected directly to
our local SH bus.

We are not using encoded interrupts, and we have the interrupt line
from the 91C111 tied
to the IRL2 line on the SH7751. With the encoded interrupts turned
off, we have this
interrupt set to priority level 7.

My question is this: When we invoke the devn-smc9000 driver, we
need to pass it an interrupt
number. What value should we use? Should we use 7 (the priority
level), 2 (the actual interrupt
line), 0x300 (the interrupt event offset), or something different?

Also, we are using the interrupt callout from the Solution Engine
BSP. Does the interrupt callout
need to be modified to handle unencoded interrupts?

Anybody done anything like this before?

Any help would be appreciated!