RAM drive


To test different databases I created a ram drive (size 64M) on my QNX system (PC, QNX 6, version for evaluation).
At first I started devb-ram
devb-ram ram capacity=131072 &
Then I mounted the ram drive
mount /dev/hd1t77 /ram

After that /ram drive has emerged that I can use to put files with dbases. And, according to my expectation, access time to the database records has reduced dramatically. Everything is OK.

However, while my test program is working with a big database file stored on /ram I, anyway, hear some quiet sound from my system. For sure it’s not the same sound that I heard before when my database was living on the hard drive but there definitely is some sound. That sound is much quieter of course, however, I have not expected any sounds while my program is working with file on the /ram drive. There should not be any mechanical movements and so any sounds when a program is working with a file on RAM.

My question is: perhaps I made a mistake creating my ram drive and OS makes some access to the hard drive anyway? What’s wrong?

Thank you in advance, have a nice weekend,