Printer problems...need help!

I have two printers here. One is an Epson Stylus Color 800 which QNX has
no problem recognizing. The other is an Okidata OL 410e which will run
under any other OS I’ve used it on using HP III or HP IV drivers, and
perhaps some others. I have used this printer without problem on
AmigaOS, Winblows, Linux, & BeOS with nothing more than standard HP
Laserjet drivers.

This is an excellent printer and very quiet. I would love to get this
working with QNX. I have visited the QNX RTP SYS Admin Guide and tried
to figure out how to add a printer. I’m pretty new to QNX, but I am
learning. :slight_smile:


I’m kind of confused concerning adding a printer, plus the “Utilities
Reference” link there which apparently provides further information does
not even exist!:confused:

Can anyone give me any advice on how to add this printer? Does anyone
have a HP LaserJet working with QNX? If so would you please send me your
config file for this printer and any other related files, so that I
might look at them and hopefully get this printer working. This printer
is a workhorse, and without doubt the best printer I have ever owned!

Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.