boot image : network problem


I have made my os image and running it from Compact Flash. I have tried working both with tcpip and ttcip for changing the ipaddress.
but it does not seem to work. when i am loding full tcpip.
I type “ifconfig en0 inet” and qnx answers me :

ifconfig : SIOCGIFMETRIC en0 : Operation not supported
ifconfig : SIOCDIFADDR : Operation not supported

I have loaded the driver
io-net -drtl -p tcpip

I have done similarly for tiny tcpip and used ptcip but to no avail.

the command nicinfo also does not work on the terminal…when i used the bootable image from Compact flash.
My build file has the required library needed for the commands, but still
they are not working as they should

Maybe I need to add something in my build script…
Can any one please give some suggestions ?

thanks a lot

From my build script:

# Start the network driver (with TCP/IP support)
io-net -ptcpip -v &
waitfor /dev/io-net 15

# Ethernet card setup
mount -Tio-net -opci=0,vid=0x8086 /lib/dll/

# Wait for the card to be initialized
waitfor /dev/io-net/en0 5

# Wait for TCP/IP to be initialized
waitfor /dev/socket 10
waitfor /dev/io-net/ip0 10

# Set default address
ifconfig en0 netmask