could not log in with ftp


I use QNX 6.3.0 on a Renesas board. I set up ftpd in inetd.conf and
start inetd, but I could not login from a Windows host. I got always
the message.

530 Login incorrect.

To run QNX on the Renesas board I have to build an image
(with Momentics). Maybe I forgot some binaries or conf files?

Unfortunately I cannot use syslog, because it is not available in the
image builder.

Is there any possibility to get more information from the running

Thanks in advance


do you have the executable ‘ftpd’ in /usr/sbin ?
did you login as ‘root’ ? then the file /etc/ftpusers should not contain the line “root”.

No, I have not. ftpd is in /bin and I changed the configuration of ftpd in
inet.conf to

ftp        stream tcp nowait root  /bin/ftpd           in.ftpd

No, I did not. I use another user. Does the user have to be added to the
ftp group or to another group?

Thanks a lot.


I think the user must be present in /etc/passwd and must have a password.



My user is in /etc/passwd and has also a password. But this maybe
my problem. I cannot set the password by passwd, because the
filesystem is write protected. So I generate the hash with a small
program using the lib function qnx_crypt and copied the character
to passwd in a editor. Is this wrong, how else can I generate the hash?

Thanks a lot


In QNX, you have two different encryption methods for passwords: Unix-Style crypt() and qnx_crypt(). Maybe that’s the problem? I never tried to create /etc/shadow myself (That’s where the encryped passwords reside, NOT in /etc/passwd! Here, you only have a hint if the user has a password at all (The “x”)). Can’t you create the entry on a development machine with the passwd command and then include the generated file in the image?