Hanging, can't see, no mouse.

Hey, from the looks of most of these posts, I’m ahead of the crowd by just
managing to get the ISO to a bootable image on a second partitioned
harddrive. Look out!

Unfortuneatly… When I boot from the CD, Photon gives me a GUI looking
thingie that says, “Detected New VideoCard”… Keyboard doesn’t respond,
and occasionally it’ll drop me at shell. Now… what’s up with that?

So, I get to shell… whee… Now I can start Photon, but only in ‘safe’
mode. I can’t see my mouse, but I figured that’s because it’s USB. When I
get around to it, I’ll get a ps/2 adapter. But in the mean time… Using
the “winkey” thingie on my silly keyboard gets me the launch menu, but
Ctrl+Esc does not. Um, that’s very annoying. :slight_smile: I’m new to having silly
winkey keyboards. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, back to the point at hand. So I can get to the launch menu, but I
don’t have a highlight. That is, I can arrow around and randomy hit enter
to start something, but I cannot see what I’m doing. A little guess work
got me into the config, but now I can’t seem to activate anything useful.

If it’s helpful, I have an Nvidia TNT2 card on AGP. If really
necessary, there’s a twin card on PCI in there, so I suppose I could use
that if I needed it for QNX…