I swapped a couple of hard drives in my pc, and then changed it back to
exactly the original configuration. However, my qnx will no longer boot

  • it gets to the point where I have to press F1 or F2 to select windows
    or QNX, and if I press F2 (for QNX) it doesn’t do anything else…
    (I had removed my qnx disk, replaced it with another small (2GB) disk
    and done a temporary qnx install on to that, but told it not to over
    write my MBR or anything like that - then I swapped the disks back and
    the problems started!).

I am still able to boot qnx if I insert the installation CD and boot
from that first (it then gives the option of booting from harddrive).

Is there any simple and safe way of repairing the boot? If not, then
booting from CD is certainly an option.

Also, is there any way of creating a floppy which will do the initial
boot, and then boot from the HD…?