Embedded File System...

I want to create an embedded build of QNX that simply loads a terminal and has some basic commands available for testing.

I am trying to install the image on a second hard drive (hd1) on which i have created the following partitions:

/dev/hd1t79 (bootable) /dev/hd1t77

I have written a build file designed to boots up and open a terminal (based on example files), and have included several of the simply tools in the build script such as ls, cd, pwd etc.

I create the image:

#mkifs shell.bld shell.ifs

Now, my understanding is that my boot script should be installed on the boot partition, (as .boot maybe? not the point though…) and the file system required be installed on the second data partition?


#dinit -h -f shell.ifs /dev/hd1t79

Seams to install the boot script on the boot partition fine, but what about the file system? Do I have to call dinit on the data partition?

No matter what I do, cant seam to get mkifs to include the files in the image.

I have looked at mkefs, but found very little help regarding the use of the command. I tried using mkimage to combine two ( one ifs and one efs) images but found mkimage to not be included in my installation (6.3.1)…

I have also spent much time using QNX System Builder. It apears to determine the required filesystem based on my build file, but I can see a way of getting that file system into my image or onto my data partition…

The target System Project doesnt seem to support a second IDE drive as a target, or even a local directory…

As far as I can see, the only way to get the files my system needs onto the data partition is to copy the files over one by one… The company I work for says

Hello Windows CE :frowning: