Voyager support

phpnuke again! yikes.
the site looks horrible in Voyager, any plans to improve it?
btw, there is already a qnx news site at so I don’t know if there should be another one on this site, or what…

hey guy, you are too tough to us :slight_smile:
why phpnuke? well, none of us behind come from a programer’s
background. we want an off-the-shelf product that just works with minimal
tweaks. postnuke (an phpnuke variant) fits our criterior.

voyager support? postnuke supports most modern web browsers. apparently,
voyager is too old :slight_smile: I am sorry we can’t spend time to meet those users.
Even Bill (qnxguiboy) said his design goal for the new QNX QDN site is
to forget about those voyager users. Don’t worry, there is a good news (see below)

qnxzone: we don’t consider openqnx an replacement for qnxzone. camz did
a good job brought up the qnxzone site since the death of qnxstart.
openqnx differs from qnxzone in that

  1. we are system administrators while they are programers. qnxzone was
    mostly developed but openqnx is configured (using postnuke, etc).
    this means qnxzone doesn’t have the problem we have inherited from postnuke.
    one example is they can support voyager browser!
    qnxzone is definitely the way to go for voyager users.

  2. qnxzone was designed by professionals, they go through design, coding,
    beta testing, production cycle, but we are just several hackers,
    we treat our site for our playground and setup it up just for fun.
    this means you don’t see lots of quick changes on their site, but
    for those stuff they do have, they work very well. but for us, we
    can just throw something new we think fun onto our site, we don’t have
    a beta site to test it. we just install it on the site and let
    people play with it. if it doesn’t work well, we will just take it off.
    if it causes system down time, that’s fine. who cares if our site
    goes down for 30 minutes. we don’t treat our site as a mission critical
    7x24 one. as long as we don’t have more than 30 minutes downtime every
    day, we are fine. we don’t have paid customers that we have to
    make happy with the 99.999% uptime figure :slight_smile:

basically, openqnx and qnxzone have different design goals, and work
differently. they may share some of the content, but do you think
we should shutdown our services if they overlap with qnxzone?

I think it’s great that there’s a new QNX site up… it gives a fresh look at things. :slight_smile: I, for one, don’t mind PHP/PostNuke at all, as long as it’s set up well (as this one seems to be).

I wonder why it doesn’t display correctly in Voyager. Is it a bug in Voyager’s page rendering system, or is it bad HTML generated by Nuke?


It’s not that hard to support voyager, as a matter of fact it’s more or less a matter of creating the right theme for postnuke. I’m sure you could “hack” togther an adaquate theme.

Ya, that’s why we changed our default theme of the site yesterday. The current default one should be a good trade-off, which should work for both high and low browsers. If you know you are using Voyager all the time, you should go to “My Account” and select a simple theme that best suits Voyager.