Unable to install in any manner.

I am trying to install QNX 6.2.0 on my system. When I boot from a CD, I
force a partition install and after I make the partition it says it’s
restarting drivers and mounting filesystems it then comes back with an
unable to mount /cd0//something-or-other and the install stops. So I
tried installing it in a win32 partition and that goes smoothly, but
when I try to boot it shows;

Spawn of /pkgs/base/qnx/os/core-2.1.3/x86/sbin/fs-pgk failed : Exec
format error

Spawn of /pkgs/base/safe-config/X86/sbin/fs-pkg failed : Corrupted file
system detected

Spawn of /bin/sh failed : No such file or directory

I’m running a Mini-ITX board, with 128MB of ram, and a 1.2GB Laptop HDD.

Any suggestions?

Ignore the above post, I was using an unsupported CD-ROM drive, all is
well now.