Yahoo, my new IBM R40 laptop works with QNX

Hi all,

I just purchased an IBM R40 laptop with an ATI radeon 7500 mobile chipset
and it runs in accelerated mode with the latest radeon driver in photon
1.14. The integrated network card is another story, but I dont care so much
about that because my trusty old 3c589 works in the pc card slot.

The only gotcha is that there is some hardware problem after mode switching
(when entering or leaving photon). The whole screen looks like the refresh
rate is not set correctly and the screen is visible but useless. I’m not
sure why I tried this, but using the Fn keys I switched the display to
external CRT then back to the LCD and everything was fine.

My next assignment is to get both the track point and the touch pad working
simultaneously (like they did during install).

Best Regards

John Love
Tolltex, Inc.