Network problem and Version?

I got this copy of QNX-RTP off a cd and I can’t seem to find out what version it is.It was a MaximumCD.But my biggest problem is connecting to the internet.I have a ADSL Ethernet connection with an SMC EtherEZ 8416 ISA nic.When I do “nettrap” I get this back;“io-net -dwd”.But when I type that in I get this:“Unable to load dll devn-wd symbol not found”.Can someone please tell me what I can do to get this card working?I want to try the full QNX os but not till I can connect to the Web. PS:I have a single computer with a LAN setup.(DHCP) Thankyou.

uname -a is the command to find out which version you have.

If you have qnx 6.2.1 then you have to install it to hdd and install the second part also before network support is functional. This was not the case for 6.2.0 and earlier.

Thanx for the info evanh.But do you know what the ‘symbol not found’ means?

Since you have a nettrap, I guess it would be 6.1.x

The “Unable to load …” is io-net can’t find a on your system.
Look to see if it is under /lib/dll, if it is there, you can use a full path like:

io-net -d /lib/dll/