help with qansi

hi all,

i am running an image from compact flash. i was having some problems with few commands not working…like clear and vi.

If i type clear, it spews out ‘qansi’ unknown terminal type
if i type vi , unrecognizable term type

After some research done from the postings in the discussion board, i think i nailed down the problem to qansi not being recognized. the qansi is in /usr/lib/terminfo/q/qansi

I have a set in my buildfile

These env variables inherited by all the programs which follow


I have also given the path to qansi, in the build file…but it still does not recognize the clear command.

Can someone please guide me, as to how to set the qansi…i think i am doing something wrong…



the directory ‘/usr/lib/terminfo’ should be in target filsystem(add neccessary file(s) in ‘terminfo’ (e.g. qansi).