please help me some problems about QNX SP2

Describe the installation of the Biscayne demonstration for QNX 6.3
have some errors:

Starting USB driver…
->DLL Error Library cannot be found
->FAILED - io_usb_dlopen
->unable to load dll devu-ohci-biscayne

Starting USB mouse driver for Photon display…
->Unable to access /dev/usbmouse0
->Error: input device /dev/usbmouse0 is not available
->Error: unable to reset module fd

so it is can not realize mouse usb …can anyone help me???thanks

is anybody there???can you help me???

is it onboard USB or an expansion card?

it is on expansion card…
use Software Tera Term pro to communication serial port with Biscayne System
when i run some script file for Sh7760 to load device driver for system
to realize USB,mouse,ethernet,I2c…but it doesn’t realize mouse for USB …
can you help me???

it doesnt sound like that card is suported…does anythign work thats plugged into it?