ANNOUNCE: Reswrap C++ resource manager framework

What is Reswrap.

Reswrap is a C++ resource manager framework for QNX6.

The goal of Reswrap is to allow those developing resource managers
in C++ under QNX 6 to provide full filesystem functionality to
their “non-filesystem” (i.e. resource managers that do not
manage hard disks per-se) resource managers.

The Reswrap library provides 2 classes which (when used together)
allow a ramdisk to be created in only a few lines of code; however
a ramdisk is not the goal of Reswrap (only a demonstration of how
it provides full file-system like functionality). By using the
primary class (Resmgr) in composition, and by deriving from one
or more of the other three classes (Device,Node,Ocb), the
programmer, can express application specific resource manager

Currently Reswrap is beta software (version 0.90). The intention
is to obtain feedback, and produce a 1.0 version in the Q1 2003.

Other notes:

o Reswrap requires libsigc++ version 1.2.1. (I’ll be posting
a .qpr for this shortly on my website, and I believe it’ll
be on the 3rd party CD).

o Reswrap is being made available under the LGPL license.

o Reswrap is currently available at
(as a one-click).

o Reswrap source is available at the same site, as a tarball.

o Reswrap is being developed in my (limited) spare time, so
any help is welcomed.

o I’ll be working on tutorial documentation as time permits
reference documentation is available by running doxygen on
the headers.

o Any problems/comments to

Happy Holidays,