Help with name_attach


I’m trying to use the name_attach() call in one of my programs to register a global name so that I can make sure only 1 instance of my program ever runs.

However the name attach call fails with the error of file/directory does not exist.

Sure enough when I check under /dev there is no /name subdirectory. I can’t manually create one there either using mkdir as root.

So my question is, what deamon or initialization call do I need to make in order for the /dev/name/local directory to get created.

The sample code for name_attach doesn’t show anything extra getting started nor does it mention anything so I’m baffled as to why it does not exist.



run -#gns- manager




If your reading this, can you update the doc’s for the next release to include mentioning a reference to the gns name server in the name_attach help.