Problem with Rational Rose Real Time and QNX

Good Evening,
My name is Andrea. I have a QNX Temporary License (QNX Momentics PE for
Education 1 year). I have a big problem with the Rational Rose Real Time
2003.06.00 for Windowx XP. I have installed RoseRT in demo version (1 month
of demo) and QNX Momentics Professional Edition Development Suito 6.2.0 and
the QNX-rationalrose.exe present in the CD. With a test project with RoseRT,
I have selected the QNX-NEUTRINO target, and when I try to compile the
project I get the following errors:

OutputPath: C:/WUTemp/NewComponent1
Running: nmake -nologo -f “C:\Programmi\Rational\Rose
RealTime/codegen/bootstrap/” RTS_HOME=“C:\Programmi\Rational\Rose
RealTime/C++/TargetRTS” MODEL=“C:/WUTemp/p1.rtmdl” COMPONENT=“Component
View::NewComponent1” RTmakefiles
rtcppgen -model “C:/WUTemp/p1.rtmdl” -component “Component
View::NewComponent1” -makegen
Warning: This component implicitly depends upon ‘Component
View::RTComponents::RTComponent’. The model should be updated to include an
explicit dependency. !> Generating Makefiles for NewComponent1
Running: nmake -nologo RTcompile
rtperl “C:\Programmi\Rational\Rose RealTime/codegen/” src
nmake -nologo -s RTgenerate
rtperl “C:\Programmi\Rational\Rose RealTime/codegen/” build
rtperl -S nmake -nologo -k -s RTcompile !> Linking NewComponent1
/QNXsdk/host/win32/x86/usr/bin/ntox86-ld: cannot open
C:/Programmi/Rational/Rose: No such file or directory
cc: C:/QNXsdk/host/win32/x86/usr/bin/ntox86-ld caught signal 1 NMAKE :
warning U4010: ‘NewComponent1’ : build failed; /K specified, continuing …
NMAKE : warning U4011: ‘RTcompile’ : not all dependents available; target
not built NMAKE : fatal error U1077: ‘rtperl’ : return code ‘0x1’ Stop.
Error: Build failed status 0x2

Build failed.

The compilation works well with WinNT target and Visual C++ 6.0 as compiler.

In addition, when I try to select, into a processor, the QNX operating
system, this is not present in the list of the possible OS targets. Why?
Where is the problem?
I haven’t found no information in web site about the use of the RoseRT.

I need urgent help, because I have to develop a robotic controller in a
very short time and the use of RoseRT is fundamental for me and my
workgroup. Thank you.

Best regards.

Well this seems to me like a Rose problem not a QNX problem.

/QNXsdk/host/win32/x86/usr/bin/ntox86-ld: cannot open

Have you look in that direcotry to detect if that binary is there. I just
check and it’s there for me. Shouldn’t there be a c: in front of /qnxsdk

C:/Programmi/Rational/Rose: No such file or directory

Well if rose can’t find it’s own stuff that’s definitely not good.