VoIP for QNX?

I am looking for a VoIP solution for QNX. I can’t seem to find anything that is available either from open source or from a third party. I need G.711 with an RTP/RTCP stack along with VAD and Jitter Buffer.

Does anyone know of a G.711 codec or VoIP software available for QNX? Any help would be fantastic. Thanks.


i thnk your best bet is to plead your case to Skype and see if they wil do a port (terribly unlikely. but that would be awsome)

I did contact Skype who told me they use the Global IP Sound Voice Engine www.globalipsound.com to build the solution. GIPS is willing to do a port to QNX but will cost a great deal of money.

I am trying to find a g.711 software codec and all the networking elements that go along with it, such as, RTP/RTCP, Jitter, etc…

Found out that there are some open source items out there for Linux but not sure if it will port or not.