Change resolution on daytona borad.


I’m using QNX 6.1.0A on Daytona Board(XScale).
There is ‘’ for graphics drivers.
Our daytona has 640 X 350 LCD screen.
And ‘cotulla.conf’ describe our screen properties like below.

I want to know how I can change screen to other resolution mode. (ex more
smaller resolution.)
Can I do it though changing contulla.conf ?
If so, is there anyone who teach me how I can ?

If not, Should I change ‘devg-cotulla’ driver ?
‘’ is included in Xcale BSP on prebuilt binary.
Where I get the source code of ‘’ ?

Any idea ?


File ‘cotulla.conf’. parameters for tailoring to specific boards and display


hsw Horizontal Sync Width

elw End-of-line pixel clock wait

blw Beginning-of-line pixel clock wait

vsw Vertical sync pulse width

efw End-of-frame line clock wait count

bfw Beginning-of-frame line clock wait count

vsp Vertical Sync Polarity (0 = active high, 1 = active low)

hsp Horizontal Sync Polarity (0 = active high, 1 = active low)

pcp Pixel Clock Polarity (0 = data sampled on rising edge of L_PCLK, 1

=data sampled on falling edge)

oep Output enable polarity (0 - L_BIAS pin is active high in display mode

and parallel data input mode)

acb AC bias pin frequency

pcd Pixel Clock Divisor

type 1 = Active Display 0 = Passive Display

num 0 = Single Panel 1 = Dual Panel

board 0 = Daytona 1 = Lubbock

x width of panel

y height of panel

The driver will use the first un-commented entry.


Lubbock board, dual panel, passive display


Daytona board, single panel, active display