How to Disable standard key shortcuts?


We have developed an application program using Photon application builder
with Photon 1.13. We would like to configure the system using our GUI in
such a way that Photon taskbar/desktop manager will not be offered to the
user. Only the graphical application will be invoked at startup of system .
The application program provides the user with a menu driven interface. Also
implemented features can be used with the help of mouse clicks or keyboard
shortcuts. We would like to ensure that if user tries to play with key
combinations or tries standard short-cuts like ALT+TAB, the
application/pohton must not malfunction/exit/close.

We tried following key combinations :- ATL+F1, ALT+F2,…, ALT+12,
Ctrl+F1, Ctrl+F2,…Ctrl+F12 with our application running. We could
observe that the application and/or photon GUI end the instance if we use
several combinations. Is there any way of blocking such short-cuts without
affecting the features implemented for our application?