Nano 1.2.5

Hi to everyone,
I like Nano text editor so i’m trying to port nano in QNX Neutrino 6.3. On the net I looked for something already working but have no time to waste in searches, so I’ done it myself…

the problem is that when I compile everything seems to work: no errors, no warning, and so, but when I run nano I have problems in text visualization or output so when I try to write something all the characters are messed, and other similar things…

I hope you understund something

i dont have an aswer but i do have 2 questions for you. 1 once you hve completed this would you please post it so others could also use it as I too use Nano and would love a QNX port? and 2 how come you decided to port 1.2.5 and not 1.3.10?

the first question is very simple: Of course I’ll post it, and if you want it I give the code too… I’m not here to make money with porting :smiley:

the second one is easy too, but it is more funny in italian…in italian I answer: “perche sono un pollo” that in english sounds like “because I’m a chicken”…
when I wanted to port nano on qnx system I looked for nano source, and I downloaded the first link I found without take care to the version…
this question is funny because just today I opened my nano (linux version) and I say “shit, this is 1.3.10 and I’m porting 1.2.5…sono un pollo”

is it enough? :smiley:

P.S. I think that some output problem I encountered are not directly related to a wrong port of the application, but just because I use to use qnx pc with telnet (because it is an embedded pc without any video out but only ethernet and a lot of serials)

I attached the file…if someone wants to try it and give me a feedback about it, I will be pleased

Fabio Monster

But…the attachment is not attached or my pc has got some problems?