Several "kernel_device" areas.

Hi, all!

Does anyone know how to touch three different areas in kernel callouts?

I have EPIC, PIC, PCI INTACK areas placed as:

EPIC 0xfdf4xxxx
PIC 0x800000xx
INTACK 0xbffffff0

Can I place such code into init_asinfo:
as_add(0x80000000, 0x87ffffff, AS_ATTR_DEV, “kernel_device”, mem);
as_add(0xb8000000, 0xbfffffff, AS_ATTR_DEV, “kernel_device”, mem);
as_add(0xf8000000, 0xffffffff, AS_ATTR_DEV, “kernel_device”, mem);

Where will these regions be mapped by kernel if this is possible?

Yuri Skripachov.