Printing Woes


I have a photon application where I’m trying to print a page that
vaguely resembles a spreadsheet (title area etc., and a gridwork of
“cells” to display the data drawn with the PgDrawRect() and text drawing
functions, using the user clipping area to make sure nothing overflows).
What I did was create a memory context of US Letter dimensions at 72
dpi, draw in it, and display it on the screen. That works just fine
100% of the time. To generate the actual printer output on an HP
PostScript laser printer, I create a print context, call the exact same
function to do the drawing, then close the context as per the
documentation, and most of the page comes out correct. However, a few
of the grid lines are not drawn, and some of the “cell” contents are not
clipped (so they run on into the next cell). Everything is properly
clipped and drawn in the memory context though.

So what do you think I’m fighting here? Printer driver bug? Resolution
translation from 72 dpi memory context to 300 dpi (?) printer context
problem? I might lean more towards the latter if it weren’t for the
clipping problem which doesn’t seem to me to be resolution/translation
related. Should I be going about this a different way entirely?
Enquiring minds want to know. And so do I. :slight_smile:

-Warren “Driver Me Crazy” Peece