Can't find font-traplist

This morning I added a /etc/host-cfg directory to my server to create
a /rc.d/rc.local file. When I rebooted the system and checked there
again, there was now a /etc/host-cfg/{hostname}/etc/system/trap
directory with a devi-erl-opts file in it.

OK. I didn’t put it there but something did. However, when I tried to
go into photon ‘ph’ I got the message:
Optimizing Dynamic Font Sybsystem … Please Wait …
do_fond: open trap file failed, /etc/system/config/font-traplist
No such file or directory

Photon did successfully load. (I assume, I’m using it right now.)
This warning message returns everyu time I re-enter photon.

How can I get rid of this warning?