booting from TFTP

Hi all,

we need to boot a pc104 based QNX system completely from a central
server. It does not have any disk or flash ram, only a boot prom for
the ethernet adapter. As far as I understand this process it works in
several steps:

  1. get ip address and address of TFTP server from a DHCP server via
    PXE (which is in the boot prom)
  2. get boot loader from TFTP server
  3. boot loader creates RAM disk …
  4. … and gets OS image from TFTP server and puts it to RAM disk
    (limited to about 600k AFAIK)
  5. run OS which gets then applications from TFTP server and starts

My questions now: is this right and can I do it with QNX? Are there
any other (better) ways?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bernd Holzinger
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