<QPG:Rule> can't filter out a directory

Using Momentics NC 6.2.0;

I’m trying to exlude the CVS/ directories from QPG:Added files
in the package.qpg as

<QPG:Add file=“doc/" install="/opt/share/jvim2/doc/" >
<QPG:Rule search=“path” argument="
/CVS” match=“exclude” />
<QPG:Add file=“tutor/*” install="/opt/share/jvim2/tutor/" >
<QPG:Rule search=“pattern” argument=“CVS” match=“exclude” />

but both syntax won’t remove the CVS/ directory itself.
(Resulting CVS/ itself is blank cuz
the files inside isn’t selected by file=“doc/*”)

Is there any way to exclude CVS/ itself?
(besides rm -fr CVS/ -ing or enumerating ALL non-CVS/ files)

But I won’t be surprised if QPG:Rule can’t match a directory
given a particular implementation of “packager”…