Memory Leak, Virtual Memory grows

Hi All!
I’m new with QNX and need some help.
We use QNX 4.25, run developed system, that has 11 tasks in it. None of them use dynamic memory allocation. But I noticed that over time memory (sin info) would go down and virtual memory grows. Any of qnx utils would not show code/data memory size changes for our tasks, everything looks stable.
What can be a reason of this memory leak?
Thanks for any information,


One possible reason would be a resource leak. Your application may not be leaking memory directly, but if it is leaking an O/S resource, it can cause an indirect memory leak.

Could you explain? What specific resources are you talking about? One of the applications uses udp sockets, pipes, shared memory and mapping…
I would appreciate if you give me more details I have to look at.

Are you using photon?
As far as I know, photon is using dynamic memory.
Werner Schweizer

No, I don’t use photon. It is diskonchip.

File descriptors to your sockets (are they being closed) ? File descriptors to pipes (are they being closed) ? Same for shared memory. I don’t have many ideas beyond that, since they are the only resources you mention that you are using. It is also possible that there is nothing wrong with your code, and one of the resource managers itself has a leak (i.e. when you close the fd it doesn’t clean up properly). It is hard to tell without more information.