Setting REBOOT flag for qnxinstall

Hello All.

I have found the possibility that allows to set reboot flag for qnxinstall
using the QPM:Script tag.
If reboot flag is set then qnxinstall will initiate the system reboot after
the package installation. This can be useful when the system reboot is
needed after the package installation.

For this purpose the following QPM tags should be specified:

<QPM:Script xmlmultiple=“true”>

I have looked through the documentation about the QPM and QPG tags on, but have not found any mentioning about this possibility.

So, I have the following question:
This possibility is not documented. Can I use it at all?

If I can use it then the next question arises:
Whether there is way to set (or clear) reboot flag for qnxinstall from
my own scripts, which are executed on a different installation stages? Or
it is only possible through the QPM tags?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Sergey Chernov