lsof / similar utility in QNX


Is there any similar utility to lsof (LiSt Open Files) in QNX!!

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Try “pidin fd”

Here is the outcome of this command…

pidin fd

pidin: fd invalid shorthand

do I need to pass any other parameter!!!

The “fd” argument to pidin is in the latest version of Neutrino, which hasn’t been released yet (but it will be soon).

Really Steve? Is my mind playing tricks on me. I though it was in 6.3SP1.

According to CVS, it wasn’t in the SP1 or SP2 version of pidin.

We’ve documented it as a new feature in 6.3.2, and (of course) the docs are never wrong. :slight_smile:

Sorry to say, but I found the behavior of Timer in Semaphore was not inline with what documents says…

well… the above comments was not the part of discussion.
Is there any other utility which I can use for the same purpose… :frowning:


Long time ago, I have ported lsof on to QNX. ( But I am not sure if it still works or not.

For quick fd check, try “sin fd”.

not able to get from “”.

qnxzone is badly broken.

I think the 6.3.2 CoreOS update is available as beta. Go and get it! :slight_smile:

Thanks… :smiley:

That’s it “sin fd” turned up in SP1! and “pidin fd” only just turned up! I used to use sin only for “sin fd” (usually after I typed “pidin fd” and it didn’t work), and at some point it started working, and I seemlessly switched. That explains “my mind playing tricks on me”

BAD MIND! go and sit in the corner…