Problems with Media Player

I have a number of mpeg videos that play just fine under QNX on this
machine with an es1373 soundcard. However, I have swapped out the
soundcard for a SB Live! Now, whenever I go to play one of these
videos, I get about 1 frame per second, and an annoying, constantly
repeating, snapping noise. I then have to find the pid for phplay and
kill -9 it. The annoying snapping noise continues till I reboot.

I can play mp3’s without any problems (even after killing the previous
instance of phplay), but if I’ve already tried to play an mpeg video I
still get the snapping noise.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:


Adam K Kirchhoff wrote:

Any ideas? > :slight_smile:

I know nothing about the particular hardware you have, but it sounds as if the
interrupt may be misconfigured (the fact that the initial audio fragment that
was programmed into DMA keeps repeating is what points in this direction).