GPRS connection in a emmbedded system


First of all, excuse for my poor English.

I have created an image for running in a emmbedded sytem. This image is working correctly, but when I want to connect to internet by a modem (GPRS), I have a problem.

First, I have added to the image the binaries, ‘pppd’ and ‘chat’, the dll ‘’ and 2 more files in /etc/ppp called ‘options’, and ‘connect’.
These files contain the options for pppd and chat commands, and they work properly in my machine.

Then, when I try to connect by:


and I have the next problem:

PPPD Status: PPPD Started
Can´t create lock file /var/lock/LCK…ser1: No such file or directory

What do you think about my problem? What is LCK…ser1 exactly?

Thanks for all.

Does the directory /var/lock exists and if it does, is it writable?

Yes, the directory exits and it´s writable for all users.

It´s the same thing I did when I had the problem. I created the directory with all permissions, but it persists.

Thank you.