messagebox with force_front


I am trying to make a message box appear over a background map that is redrawn by another process. I am using Photon 1.14.

The messagebox is a PtPane with some PtLabels in it.

I have managed to create a region whith PhRegionChange, setting the Ph_FORCE_FRONT flag and making the region opaque to the Ph_EV_DRAW event. This has the effect that there is not a hole in the background map which is not repainted.

The problem I am having now is to make my messagebox paint itself in this hole. I have tried call the PtSuperClassDraw method on the PtPane, but nothing happens.

Any ideas?

// Stefan

Can you put your MessageBox in its own window? If so there is some way to force this window to be ‘Always on top’. I think this was possible by setting Pt_ARG_WINDOW_STATE to Ph_WM_STATE_ISFRONT, but I’m not sure about this, however there IS definitely a way to achive this with some flag-settings.

Perhaps there is even a way to achive this with a PtAskQuestion sort of message box.