Im trying to use a LIST to select one item and, after that, use this item
to continue the processing according the choose.
I have problems about how to do that.
The window that contains the LIST is called from a Text in other window,
so I have to write the correct command and press ENTER, but when I do that
the window is shown only a very short time and is closed again, I thing
this is happening because the callback.

PhPointerEvent_t * event_data;

event_data = (PhPointerEvent_t *) PhGetData (cbinfo->event);

if(event_data->key_mods == Pk_KP_ENTER)
// function to do someting and close the window contains the LIST

This code has been called when the window appear, I thing the pressing
ENTER in other window is generating the event.

Does anyone know a best way to do this? How can I use the select item in
the LIST using only a keyboard?