Installing QNX with VMWare

Hi, I’m attempting to install QNX for the first time and I’m having some problems. I am using VMWare Workstation 5.5 to emulate a PC for installing. I am using the QNX 6.1 ISO I downloaded from this site (I must use 6.1 for compatibility reasons with my school lab PCs).

In VMWare I created a VM with an 8GB, pre-sized hard drive available.
I mapped the QNX ISO onto the CD drive of the VM.
When I start up the VM I get the following:

Press ESC for .altboot…
Press the space bar to input boot options…
Detected EIDE. Scanninf for devices.
Unable to mount a qnx filesystem as /fs/cd0-qnxbase.qfs on /fs/cd0/boot/fs/qnxbase.qfs (Read-only file system)
No QNX 6.1 or greater filesystems available to mount.

At this point the “install” fails.

I am not sure if this is a QNX or VMWare issue. I am new to both. If anybody has successfully installed under these conditions, or just knows what is going on :slight_smile: I could use some help.

I’m not sure if it matters, but my host OS is WinXP.


Maybe your CD image is bad.

Also remove the floppy from the VM to prevent further problem (not related to the problem you are having)

In order to verify if it was QNX or VMWare causing the problem, I acquired a trial version of Virtual PC. Using the same ISO as before, it installs perfectly. I only went as far as getting to the GUI desktop and running Voyager to view some websites. I figure if it can do that, everything else should work too.

So, I guess my original problem is a setting in VMWare. Does anybody know what the error message i am getting (see above) means? Some insight here would help me twiddle the VMWare settings to get it to work.

Thanks for your suggestions thus far.

I have been using VMWare for long time (although not sure with 6.1) without problem. Get 6.3 to run test. If it works then you know 6.1 is incompatible with VMWare.

You might try burning to a real CD and let VMWare try that.

Not sure about VMWare5, but back in the QNX 6.1 days, I had it running under VMWare4. Maybe you can give that a try if you have to stay with old versions :slight_smile:

It seems other people had success with QNX 6.1 and VMWare 4 too:

Upgrade the school lab PCs to 6.3 :slight_smile: 6.3 runs fine in VmWare.