PXE boot with Qnx-4.25

Is it possible to use PXE boot with QNX-4.25. If so, then HOW? I already have network cards with PXE boot ROM installed. I also know how to use ‘netboot’ but could not get the remote nodes to boot with PXE ROM.

PXE uses bootp and not netboot.

You mean to say if I configure bootp and create a network boot image using the boot/build files and “make” the image file, I should be able to get PXE boot to work with bootp. ( I have TCPIP pack with me,configured and running successfully.) Will give it a shot today. Thanks!

I don’t think the QNX 4 boot image is compatible with the PXE boot.
You might want to try Anders’ mkQNXnbi, which is part of the Etherboot.

I take it back. It seems other people got it working: