Stack and QNX Under PowerPC

I sent this to comp.os.qnx and got no answer for several days. Wish this
list could reach realy QNX people:-). Thanks in advance.

From the process memory map under PowerPC architecture, I realize that
the neutrino itself resides from 0x0 to 1G virtual space.

Then several questions related to a user level process.

  • What’s the default start address of a user level process after link?

  • What the max size of a thread stack? And able to be
    customized/tuned? I thin QNX Neutrino kernel will default allocate
    some pre-defined max size for an individual thread. And if more than
    that, the stack overflow will happen when reach the Guard Page, which
    is a memory hole for protection purpose.

For my particular case, I do have potential for some threads that need
stack around 64K size.




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